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February 2, 2014

Dear all the people,

It's been a really emotional week. I've had a lot of down moments - mostly all centered on the realization that I'm going home soon and I'm not ready. But it's been a learning experience, nonetheless.

Evangeline - We had one of the most powerful lessons I have ever experienced with her this week. Seriously, Jesus took the wheel. I really learned the lesson of ``obtain my word then shall your mouth be filled'' kind of thing. I have been studying for Evangeline hard core over the past transfer. I have learned a LOT of things about various commandments, the plan of salvation, whatever. In that lesson, though none of it was really planned, my mouth was filled with all of the things that I had been studying. It was really amazing to see the spirit guide us both to teach her. Sister Clingo and I both were able to share some personal experiences with her that really helped her to grow. Anyway. Hard to describe on paper. But it was cool stuff.

However, she is having a hard time changing. She has a lot of big steps that she has to make... and she's just not quite making them. So it's hard.

Seguchi - We also had a way good lesson with her this week. She is the cutest grandma. We set a baptismal date with her for next week. But she got panicked once again and told us that she can't be baptized and also that she only wants to meet with us on Sundays now (when she comes to church). We don't really understand her deal, but we can't force her to do anything. It's a lot longer, complicated story - but the bottom line is she probs isn't getting baptized.

Tatewaki - So this is the family. Sister Clingo and I have gotten to be way tight with them. Though they aren't progressing quite like usual and they're definitely far from baptism - they have really come to trust us. They opened up to us about some various problems they've had in their life. And this family is seriously SO COOL. So, we've found some good friends.

But all in all, I've had a hard week. Basically I just didn't think my last transfer would be this way. I thought the reason I was still here was to get these two precious, precious investigators baptized. But... they're not. Which - ultimately - isn't what matters. But it's still frustrating nonetheless. And it's just hard to figure out what my role is here. Also, going home is just stressful. I'm not ready to do that thing.

But I'm happy. And life is good. 

Catch you all on the flip side! I'll email one last time next week. 

Love you!

-Sister Smith

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