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10:08 PM

What's the first thing you do when you get off your mission?  You check Facebook. Of course you do. You check it. 
Not bad for a year and a half?

Anyway. Coming back to a world of technology is crazy stuff. So much has changed! So much politics! So much selfies! So much teenage angst! So much meme! 

But this meme I saw the other day pretty much covers it all:

Without warning, all your friends start getting engaged and having babies…

And Facebook becomes a torture device.


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  1. Amen. Seesta. Jeesh. And how many of the 25 billion receptions I've been invited to have I actually attended?

    That's right. 2. My trainer. And another comp besides her. XD

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT? I can't even handle it. I'm glad you understand me.


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