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3:01 PM

So you wake up everyday at 6:30, right? The time from 6:30-7:00 is designated as exercise time. Yeah. That's what they say.

Okay okay okay. I tried my best with the exercise thing. I went a transfer where I ran almost every morning even waking up at 6:15 sometimes. But in order for that to happen, you need a companion who is equally as dedicated to fitness as you. The whole you-don't-leave-your-companion-thing.

Otherwise, morning exercise is somewhat of a joke.

The alarm goes off. You roll over on your futon. You "pray." (You take a nap with God on the watch). Ten minutes later you flip back onto your back. You "stretch." You justify chilling on your back in a "star position" (my favorite. I love the star stretch) by lying to yourself that you're stretching and this is really going to help give you the energy you need for the day.

And then with the five minutes remaining, you do some crunches or something.

Wow. Hey there. Stop the hate. I love exercise. I love it so much. Everyone knows that Lauren loves running and basketball and karate and stuff. When I was in the MTC, life was great because I had a gym to work out in for an hour every day and it was awesome. But, well, with just a half hour at 6:30... it's hard to make the best use of the time. There are too many variables. Companion, time limit, early hour, too cold, too hot, etc.

The times that I did take exercise seriously on the mission (which, I did my best, was probably more often than not) were obviously better days than others.

BUT IT STILL TOOK ITS TOLL. I won't tell you how much weight I may or may not have gained. It's fine.

Needless to say. Fitting into skinny jeans again has been another... fun adjustment. I don't look like I used to. But it's nice to get back to working out hardcore. It all comes with the territory of RM-woe-hood.

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  1. Oh man I completely empathize with you. None of my Latina companions wanted to work out and even the one transfer I had where we went running in the morning it didn't help much. Half an hour is definitely not enough time to get up and ready and to get in a good workout. None of my clothes fit me when I got home. But it will come off naturally, I promise! After 3-4 months of being back in my normal routine and being able to make my own choices about how much and what kind of food I wanted to eat, I got back to myself. A regular active lifestyle and moderate exercise took care of the rest of it. But I know how you feel! Coming home is such an interesting, sometimes hard, sometimes scary, sometimes wonderful and exciting experience. I enjoy reading your perspective. And welcome back!

  2. If only I was in Provo for us to work out together!!!!

  3. @Natalie, RIGHT? I really hope that I can get back to normalcy. I appreciate the encouragement, though! I hope life is treating you great!
    And @Chelsea I WISH THAT TOO.


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