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1:35 PM

So my companions on the miss mish (I'm REALLY sick of mish always autocorrecting to miss or sometimes mush. Mish is a WORD) would make fun of me for my bucket list. And hey, they should hate away. It's rather extensive.

I've been doing some thinking about bucket lists though. And I've even been doing some hating myself.

I feel like this is such a typical blogger/social media thing. Everyone is soooo into their bucket lists and all it does is make readers roll their eyes at how pretentious the writer is. Sometimes I see trends on Twitter where people are hash taggin' their bucket lists and I'm just like who ARE you people? "I want to take a picture of my outfit every dayyyy" cuz you're rich enough to buy everything from j crew&anthropologie. "I want to learn how to tattoo and tattoo myself" even if it looks like a ten year old attacked you with a crayon "I want to live my life with no regrets and dance in the rain" or whatever that cheesy saying is "I want to blow bubbles with bae" just STOP SAYING BAE THIS DOESN'T NEED TO BE A THING AND THIS IS STUPID. You know what's on my bucket list? Fight a BEAR. And WIN.

Here I am hating on other people's bucket lists, jeez. I really have no room to talk. My own bucket list stemmed from a family home evening activity when I was twelve. In the Mormon-world, Monday nights are devoted to family time in this cute little acronym-ed evening called FHE. These activities were rather sporadic when I was a teen because I was the only child living at home and we were often on different schedules. But this particular night still stands out to me and we (all three of us, baby) sat down and talked about our dreams. I think I love this memory so much because not only did I first begin to open my mind to the potential and possibilities for my life, but I also was able to get to know my parents in a different way by hearing about what THEY dreamed about.

You can tell this stemmed from the brain of a 12-year-old because it's like automatic NUMBER ONE SKYDIVING since that's, like, everyone's go-to and then BAM number two is to get my Young Women award thing from church since, like, duh. It was on my mind. This list has stuck with me for over ten years, though. This is why I can't be a true hater - I mean we go way back, bro. I still love my list and the goals I have set for myself. Granted, it has evolved over the years and some of the items from back then were just silly. Like watch all 6 Star Wars and all 3 extended versions of Lord of the Rings in one sitting. Which I did. When I was fourteen. Because I'm AWESOME. ANYWAY, the list thing has helped give me a vision of what I want to accomplish in life and I'm all for that. It's been a way to keep track of things I have done and write down whenever I do have goals for myself. Like every single time I pay rent I add "have more money" to my list. Or every time I watch a James Dean movie I add "marry James Dean" but then that isn't possible because he's dead. That's the only thing getting in the way of that relationship, obvs.

But I've decided not to get hung up on my "list" anymore - and I feel good about this decision. Oh, my list will still be there. But I will not let it detract from that wonderful lil thing called spontaneity. Some of the greatest "bucket-list-worthy" adventures I've been on came from no list, from no pre-planned ideas, just from friends being idiots and wanting to experience life and recklessly discover. I can't write down every single "awesome" thing that I want to experience with my life preemptively. So as great as it is to check things off a list... Sometimes I need to remind myself to just take a step back and remember to experience life as it comes.

As Dan says in Dan in Real Life, "instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised."

p.s. Do you have a bucket list? Are you a hater? I'd love to hear.

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  1. Ok amen and I love this. Watching all 6 Star Wars is a yearly May The Fourth Be With You tradition for me. It's the best.

  2. So awesome! I've never had a bucket list. I started one on my mission. It still only has 3 things... 1. See a solar eclipse. (A real one, not one of those lame kind of ones.) 2. See aurora borealis. 3. See the water that lights up because of the parasites in it.

    Not sure what to think of myself ha. No vision. XP But these three remain my go-to's. Ha


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