Writing, A History

11:07 AM

When I was a little girl, my dream job was to be a novelist. So I wrote a novel when I was ten. It was called “The Underground City” and followed the adventures of Kaylee and Kelly who went down a slide at my own elementary school playground and ended up in a land like unto Oz. I wrote a whopping 100 page book which I later gave to my friend and never saw again. I went on to come up with other ideas for novels that never panned out and enjoyed writing essays throughout my school years. I loved spelling and grammar, reading books, and telling stories. I journaled every day.
When blogging was becoming the new, cool thing my family moved overseas to Tahiti. I thought I would have the coolest blog bragging about my adventures overseas. I wrote about the ocean, strange foods, and my issues with abc.com for not streaming Lost outside of the US. I lasted about six months before I found my new calling: MOVIES.
I started a blog entitled “Some People Like Movies” in 2009. I wrote reviews of the few films I could get ahold of at the rental store, analyses of Alfred Hitchcock movies, and top ten lists. After returning home from early morning seminary I would read movie blogs for hours and hours. Despite the obvious ~teenager feel, this has been my most successful blog to date generating a few ~hits, mostly from fellow movie bloggers I met on the internet. I was proud of the blog and I continued writing on and off until 2015 where I lacked the confidence to write more. I was afraid to share my opinion and afraid that people would think it was lame to obsess over movies so much. It still exists, though, and I may write again so check it out if you're into that kind of thing.
Somewhere in the middle I started another personal blog called “Of All the Gin Joints In the World” named after the famous line from “Casablanca.” This blog detailed my college adventures, my opinions, more essays and commentary. It was a lot of fun, and I used some of those blog posts on my application for BYU’s Communications program to which I was accepted. The blog also includes my weekly emails home from Japan where I served as an LDS missionary. I stopped blogging there in 2014, though those posts are still available for view on this website.
At BYU I had the opportunity to write for the Daily Universe as a sports reporter in 2016. I covered the club sports like lacrosse, rugby, and hockey and thoroughly enjoyed going to the sporting events, getting to know the coaches and players, and learning an entirely new style of writing. It was a great experience.
Writing has been a large part of my life for many years. I used to always think I had it in me to pursue journalism professionally. Now I have a family and I don’t see that as the path I want to follow, but I think there’s a way I can keep this talent as a solid side-hobby. I'm a mostly SAHM with some spare time here and there for good old fashioned creativity. I would like to write again, if it please the court.

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  1. Yes. YES. YESSSSS. Please do! I love reading stuff you write. You'll have at least one audience member. :)

    1. My dearest Beth. You just gave me the single greatest encouragement I ever ever ever could have asked for. THANK YOU!!!!


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